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Thyone Ice Rosecut Diamond Ring

Thyone Ice Rosecut Diamond Ring

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  • 14k Yellow Gold
  • 0.20ct Rose-Cut Ice Diamond
  • x6 1mm Black Diamonds
  • 1.2mm half-round band width

Handcrafted salt and pepper 'ice' diamond ring, set in 14k yellow gold. 1.2mm half-round band profile with black diamond side accent details. This ring can also be made in white gold or rose gold, and be customized with different stones. Please contact for any inquiries or a custom variation of this ring.

*Current size 5 1/2 is ready to ship! Please select your size and allow up to 2 weeks for re-sizing.

Meaning Behind the Name

Zeus fell in love with Semele while watching her sacrifice a bull on his altar and visited her many times afterwards. When Semele became pregnant, Hera found out about her husband's affair, set out a plan to punish Semele.

Hera appeared to Semele as an old nurse and she confided in the goddess about her affair with Zeus. Hera made her doubt about it. So, Semele decided to ask Zeus to grant her a wish, and he took an oath on the river Styx that he would give her anything. She asked that he appear to her in all his glory and Zeus was forced to comply. However, mortals could not look upon Zeus without bursting into flames, which is what happened to Semele.

Zeus managed to save the unborn baby by sewing it inside his thigh. Dionysus was born, and when he grew up, he to saved his mother from the Underworld and brought her to Mount Olympus, where she became the goddess Thyone.

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