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Circe Statement Necklace

Circe Statement Necklace

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  • Available in sterling silver and gold vermeil
  • 27x 48.5 x 1mm pendant size
  • 2mm curb chain, 17" length 

Our stunning Circe ornamental statement necklace is a captivating addition to your jewellery collection. Available in both sterling silver and gold vermeil, this exquisite piece features an eye-catching 27 x 48.5mm size pendant. Suspended from a sophisticated 17" length, 2mm curb chain, this necklace effortlessly elevates any ensemble. Embrace timeless elegance and make a bold fashion statement with this intricately designed accessory, ideal for both formal events and everyday wear. For any inquiries or to explore a customized version of this design, please get in touch with us!

Inspiration Behind the Name

Circe, a well-known figure in Greek mythology, is a powerful sorceress skilled in herbs and potions. In Homer's Odyssey, she turned Odysseus' men into animals and later helped him. She also had a notable part in the tale of Jason and the Argonauts. Sometimes seen as both helpful and harmful, Circe is a fascinating and intricate character in ancient Greek stories.


Sterling Silver
Solid 925 Sterling Silver, a highly durable precious metal designed for everyday wear. It can darken with time, but can be polished up. Oils from your skin help prevent silver tarnish... so wear it often!

Gold Vermeil 
More premium than traditional gold plating, vermeil is an extra thick layer (2.5 microns) of 14k solid-gold over a sterling silver base, meaning it lasts a very long time. You get the look and feel of gold jewellery at a fraction of the price. Please see proper care instructions.


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