Schitt's Creek !

It's not every day that a small jewellery business gets the opportunity to create pieces for a hit TV show!

Arsaeus had the pleasure of making the gold rings for Dan Levy's character, David Rose, used in the proposal scene of CBC's Schitt's Creek!

David Rose, is known for his impeccable sense of style. The statement gold bands are simple, yet elegant, perfectly fitting for the character's fashion sense.

Filmed in many locations surrounding the Toronto area, Schitt's Creek quickly became a fan favorite for its witty writing and lovable characters. The show's popularity continued to grow, culminating in an Emmy sweep in 2020, winning every major comedy category.

Taking this small part of such a successful show was an incredible opportunity for Arseaus.

For fans of the show who want to own a piece of the show's history, the rings as seen in the show are available to order here. With their timeless design and connection to the beloved show, they make the perfect addition to any jewellery collection.

Whether it's making jewellery for a TV show or a special occasion in someone's life, Arsaeus is dedicated to creating pieces that are beautiful and meaningful.

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