Featured in 'A Simple Favor'

Arsaeus earrings spotted in the film 'A Simple Favor' gracefully adorning Apaparna Nancherla's character. These earrings hold significance as they symbolize the Olympian goddess, Artemis.

blake lively earrings
Artemis is an ancient Greek goddess commonly associated with the hunt, wilderness, and animals. In Greek mythology, she is the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and the twin sister of Apollo. Artemis is known for her exceptional archery skills and her love for nature. She is often depicted as a young woman with a bow and arrows, accompanied by a pack of hunting dogs. Artemis is revered as a protector of wildlife and the natural world, and she is also associated with childbirth and the moon. Her strong and independent nature, along with her affinity for the untamed wilderness, make her a powerful and revered figure in Greek mythology.

blake lively earrings       blake lively earrings
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