Product Care

Every Arsaeus piece is crafted from quality precious metals!

Sterling silver, brass and bronze will tarnish naturally over time.
14k gold does not tarnish and can be cleaned with dish soap, warm water and a soft toothbrush.
Gold-plated* pieces are sweat and water sensitive.  Avoid harsh cleansers, chemicals and polishing cloths. To clean – buff with a soft dry cloth.

Keep your jewellery like new!

  • Always remove your piece before showering or swimming.
  • Keep out of contact with chemicals, lotions, perfumes and sprays.
  • Store pieces separately in pouches to avoid scratching.
  • Necklaces are best stored hanging to keep from tangling.
  • Store silver and brass pieces in zip lock bags to keep from oxidizing.
  • Restore your jewellery to it’s original shine using a polishing cloth. OR Mix baking soda, dish soap and warm water together to create a paste and gently scrub with a soft toothbrush. *Except for Gold-plated* pieces. To clean – simply buff with a soft dry cloth.