Jewellery Care

Every Arsaeus Piece is created with quality stones and precious metals.

Here are some tips and guidance on how to keep your pieces looking their absolute best!

Remove Jewellery During Heavy Activity
Always remove your jewellery during heavy activity - any stone, even a diamond, can be chipped during an accident or if hit against a tough surface.

Cleaning Your Jewellery
Restore your jewellery to its original shine! We recommend cleaning your jewellery with warm water, dish soap and baking soda and gently scrubbing with a soft toothbrush. Avoid using harmful chemical cleaners.

Routine Maintenance
We recommend routine maintenance on your jewellery every 6-12 months, including cleaning, polishing and checking the gem settings. This keeps your jewellery looking beautiful and your gemstones secure. We are happy to do this maintenance for you at our Toronto studio. If you notice a stone is loose, stop wearing the piece and contact us to arrange for settings to be checked and tightened.

Please visit our purchasing and shipping policies page for more information on repairs.

Insure Your Jewellery
We do not sell insurance for your jewellery or center stones in cases of loss or damage. To protect your investment, we highly recommend insuring your jewellery under a homeowners/renters insurance policy. We include a certificate of authenticity/appraisal with completed jewellery pieces valued over $2,000 for you to give your insurance provider.

Please visit our warranty page for more information.